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Clicker heroes money glitch By diana jones on Monday, March 4 2019, 21:21 - Permalink IMPORTANT: There is a space right after all the code delete the space and it should work just paste the text into the imput and press backspace and it will work remember THERE IS A SPACE AND THERE SHOULDN'T BE JUST DELETE IT!!!!!This video sucks ass I know but
Did some code streamlining by cutting out cruft from frequently-run functions (it also had the side benefit of reducing save file sizes). Main loop runtime now ~1/2ms, topping out at <10ms when there's lots of stuff to handle. This could be improved further, but is probably good enough for the moment. 2014-01-17
3. Any button, anywhere. You can pick your choice of keyboard or mouse buttons to automate inside the software. Auto Clicker will successfully record the input and repeat it for you. 4. Not just single clicks. Auto Clicker also allows you to implement double and triple clicks, fitting your convenience successfully.
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Play the best idle clicker game and go on an adventure to create an amazing bakery empire in Cookies Inc - Idle Tycoon! Go from a small bakery to a global business tycoon empire with millions and billions of cookies! Let the money and cookies start rolling in and get rich with the bakery tycoon of your dreams.
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The way a cookie is chosen is to build up a list of possibilities and choose uniformly from the list. For Golden cookies, the list starts with Frenzy and Lucky, with a 10% chance of adding Click Frenzy and a 1% chance of adding Chain Cookie. For Red cookies, the list starts with Clot, Lucky, and Ruin. It has a 10% chance to add Click Frenzy and ...
cookie clicker awesome maxed, a project made by Cultured Virus using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.
Steps 3, 4, & 5: Save the game, export the save, and copy the save code. Step 6: Go to your normal Cookie Clicker Game and import the save you just copied. go to menu and click "Wipe Save" and it deletes all of your progress such as your cookies.
Sort by: best. level 1. staticvariablejames. · 1y. There is no practical limit. I think that past certain point the cost of the buildings becomes too big for Javascript and the game to handle, but this only happens at like 5000 cursors. 6. level 1. Mrponcik28.