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Arizona (1966), the Supreme Court ruled that detained criminal suspects, prior to police questioning, must be informed of their constitutional right to an attorney and against self-incrimination.The case reached the Supreme Court after an appeal process in which the full Arizona Ninth Circuit Court ultimately determined that the state's ballot collection ban violated both Section 2 of ...

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The Supreme Court affirmed the order of the juvenile court terminating the parent-child relationship of Father to his four children, holding that while the juvenile court misapplied two factors set forth in Michael J. v. Arizona Department of Economic Security, 196 Ariz. 246 (2000), substantial evidence existed to support the termination.
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The Peoria Municipal Court handles criminal misdemeanors, traffic violations, city code violations, injunctions prohibiting harassment and orders of protection in Peoria, Arizona. Visit this page to learn about a court record request, getting a restraining order, and to pay traffic fines online.
On the cusp of Supreme Court arguments about Arizona's ban on the controversial practice of ballot harvesting, President Joe Biden's Justice Department pulled a surprise maneuver—inaction.
A polling station in Tempe, Arizona. 'The court decides this Voting Rights Act case at a perilous moment for the nation's commitment to equal citizenship,' Kagan writes.
Arizona was an important and landmark Supreme Court case that established the requirement that police advise people in custody of their rights before questioning them. This important Supreme Court case has had a significant impact on how American law enforcement operates.
Readings will focus on recent and historical Supreme Court decisions, and discussion will be encouraged. The final lecture will look ahead toward the cases and issues, including abortion and the Second Amendment, which the Supreme Court will consider in its 2021-2022 term.
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Oct 06, 2021 · An abortion rights case that is a top issue in the U.S. Supreme Court term that began Monday has already drawn scores of legal filings – including from dozens of Arizona lawmakers, activists and ...
Arizona Supreme Court. Police arrested Rodney Gant for driving with a suspended license. During a warrantless search of Gant's car incident to his arrest, officers found a weapon and cocaine. Gant moved to suppress this evidence; the court denied his motion, and he was convicted of possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.
The Supreme Court case has strong partisan implications, with Arizona and national Republicans on one side, state and national Democrats on the other. The Arizona provisions under review were in place for last year's voting.